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Guest Post: Who run the world? Threenagers.

Guest post by Tamara of
Beyoncé might disagree that threenagers rule the world - but they do! And this house is definitely run by girls because my husband is greatly outnumbered now 3:1. It really does feel like our threenager, Evie, rules the house some days, and that our little Addie is just a long for the ride.

It’s all systems go when Evie wakes up in the morning.  I have to get her changed and ready for the day, not to mention myself. 
Then Addie, our six month old, wakes up. There’s the odd day when she is up first and I love those few quiet minutes I get to have with her, and nurse her in the morning. Just recently Addie has started babbling away when she wakes up, and she’s melted my heart into mush by saying “mama” when she wakes. 
Discovering parenthood Beluga Baby
Once Addie is up and ready, it’s often easiest to put her into the Beluga Wrap and go. This way I have my hands free, but can still give some cuddles. She is so happy there.

Downstairs we go. Evie usually decrees what she would like to have to eat. This day she was all about getting to have a muffin. To be honest, some mornings it's a battle. Other days, she is helping her Daddy make up a smoothie. Since she is such a picky eater we often go with what she wants for breakfast - choose your battles right? Lunch and dinner time though, it’s whatever is being prepared. We ask her to try new foods, at the very least.
How do you know if you have a threenager on your hands? Mealtime is a good indication. Are you fearful of the reaction you will get if you’ve given your child their morning milk in the wrong colour cup? What if you’ve cut the toast into squares instead of triangles? Their whole world will come crashing down! 

On the other hand, Addie is easy going. While Evie eats I’ll usually have some time to wash bottles, enjoy my breakfast, and make a cup of tea or coffee. She's happy since she nurses as soon as she wakes, and she's a happy camper while in the Beluga Wrap. Some days though, she is ready to have some apple sauce, and baby cereal right away. Almost always she wants a bottle to top her up at some point in the morning.

I am so thankful that Jason is able to work from home. The girls have their Dad around. It means he is able to spend time with the whole family, that the girls are able to have quality time spent with both of us. 
In the afternoon, both of the girls usually nap at the same time. We do try to fit in some sort of adventure, or activity before or after their naps. Today's weather insisted we spend some time outside.

Spring has hit with fill force, it actually feels like we skipped spring and went right into summer with the hot weather we have been having. It was time to do some gardening around the home. Our flower boxes needed some tending, and marigolds are finally in bloom. Gardening is the perfect way to keep little hands busy, and to learn. Even Addie got in on the fun, and mischief while we were outside. It was totally her idea to spray her Daddy and sister. 

At the end of a day both girls need a bath. While Evie will sometimes protest this, and then loudly declare that she does in fact want a bath before bed, Addie loves the water to no end! The good thing about the high temperature these days means that bath time can be taken outside. There really is nothing cuter than a little one in a tub, covered in cookie smelling Bebe De Luxe. Doesn't she look like the most adorable little old man you've ever seen?
A huge thank you to Tamara and her family for inviting me into their home to photograph this gorgeous family. Head over to her blog and give it a read! She's hilarious, real and honest. 

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Graziella Hannan

Graziella Hannan

May 29, 2016

I know EXACTLY how you feel! It amazed me to read how giving her the wrong cup or wrong shaped sandwiches makes her freak because my daughter is exactly the same way! It’s good to know I’m not alone, my threenager (who just turned 4 last month) gives me a hard time everyday like that, especially when it comes to eating. Hang in there, momma! I’ve accepted that it’s just who she is, and learned picking your battles is the easiest way around it. Sometimes when she gets too bratty I’ll threaten to tell her dad, and that seems to be the only thing that’ll curb her protesting (even though it’s still accompanied by an arm-crossing, pouty face temper). Adorable family, and I love the outdoor bath idea for the little one! I live in FL and it’s like 100 degrees here already so I might have to give that a try!

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