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How to Decide Which Newborn Baby Carrier to Get

Which newborn baby carrier should you get?

When it comes right down to it, what makes the brands we love stand out? 

They make a difference in our lives. Tangibly. 

Baby products are no different. It’s not always the prettiest item (though our Beluga Wraps are HELLA fly), but it is the most helpful item. 

One of the most searched terms for new parents is, “How do I get my baby to stop crying?” I remember searching for that myself as a new mom, looking for tips and tricks to ease my baby’s tummy, help them to sleep longer, and generally just how to help her be more content. 

She was not an easy baby. 

She hated being put down. She took a long time to nurse and went very short intervals in between feeds. She has never been the type of baby you could set down with some toys and they’d entertain themselves. 

Nope, my girl craved human interaction from day one, in all its forms. 

So when I discovered babywearing, it was like I could claw back a little bit of freedom. And through that, begin to find myself again. You can read the story of how a newborn carrier changed my postpartum life here. 

The most important question is - if babywearing is so important, how do I choose which baby sling to get? Is there a “best newborn baby carrier”? 

Let me go over the things I believe to be the most important factors in selecting a baby wrap.

  1. Your baby likes it - this is a no-brainer people. The baby carrier that your baby likes the best is the clear winner. Obviously their comfort is number one, but that doesn’t mean your comfort isn’t important. 
  2. It's comfortable for you - we are all built differently, that’s what makes the world beautiful. Babywearing is for everybody, but that doesn’t mean every carrier will be comfortable on every body. Find one that’s adjustable for your body, that doesn’t constrain, that you can move in. One that’s built with the mom bod in mind. 
  3. It’s relatively easy to use - we understand that all carriers have a small learning curve. It’s important that after the initial “learning to use it” phase, that the baby carrier is easy to put on and off. 
  4. It’s breathable - it really doesn’t matter what season your baby was born in, strapping a little body to your own can be sweaty, especially with those postpartum hot flashes and hormonal sweats (oh the memories). 

So what is the best newborn baby carrier? We’ll let you decide. But if you’re wondering how to use a baby wrap, watch our tutorials. You might even catch a glimpse of the world’s best baby wrap! 

PS If our strong hints weren’t effective, it’s the Beluga. The Beluga Wrap is the best newborn baby carrier. 

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