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Ready to reduce your baby’s crying by 40%?

Why Babywearing?
"I used to try for hours to get my baby to stop crying. Now I just pop them in the Beluga Wrap and they’re asleep within minutes. It’s a magical tool that every new parent needs."
Why Babywearing?

The Beluga Wrap is the best baby carrier wrap for newborns to 25 lbs. It’s easy to use, super soft, and has a unique four-way stretch to create a womb-like environment for your baby.

Why Babywearing?


  • “I feel like I was completely unprepared for the transition to motherhood. I really miss my freedom.”
  • “My baby has colic and won’t sleep unless he’s in my arms. I feel like I can’t get anything done!”
  • “The mom guilt is real this time - so much of my attention is on my new baby and I worry about not having enough time for my older kiddos.”
  • “I like the idea of babywearing, but the carriers I’ve tried have been uncomfortable for me and my baby.”

I GET IT.(Boy, do I get it.)

As a new mom I finally said, NO WAY, and the Beluga Wrap was born. Soothing my daughter in the Beluga Wrap ensured that she was calm and I was hands free to text my BFF, make myself some toast, and get outside to enjoy the fresh air with minimal gear.

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Why Babywearing?

Parenthood can feel lonely, but you are not alone.

Why Babywearing?

“Absolutely love this carrier. My baby is calm as soon as he’s tucked in. Perfect for this hot summer, no buckles just really soft and gorgeous material. Will definitely be getting another!” - Sarah F.

Why Babywearing?

“I absolutely love this wrap! The stretch allows for a more comfortable carry that doesn’t pull on your shoulders even though my son is 21 lbs! With two under two, it truly has been a lifesaver.” - Alex C.

Why Babywearing?

“My ‘must have’ baby product. Baby has loved it from day 1. The fabric is so stretchy and soft; it cradles him perfectly. I use it daily to soothe him on the go and I can be hands-free! I tell every pregnant mom about it!” - Larissa B.

Why Babywearing?

“Absolutely loving our new wrap. We’ve been living in it at the ice rinks for big brother’s hockey practices. Dad also loves to carry babe whenever possible in this super soft wrap. Very easy to follow the tutorials!” - Lyndsey T.

What makes the Beluga Wrap unique?

I get this question a lot. And I love it, because there’s a really good answer for it. After all, I created this wrap after trying out several other baby carriers and baby wraps, and not finding one that I loved.

The Fabric

Due to the unique qualities of the bamboo cotton blend, this eco-friendly fabric makes babies up to 25 pounds feel nearly weightless. It’s super soft, breathable, and sturdy.

Why Babywearing?

The Stretch

The Beluga Baby Wrap has a unique four-way stretch. This means that the fabric hugs your baby from all angles, mimicking the feeling of being in the womb. This also means that the wearer has a greater range of motion and comfort.

Why Babywearing?

The Pocket

Another difference, albeit a small one, is that this baby wrap can fold up completely into the small pocket sewn into one end. You can fold it up nicely into a square, or, if you’re like me, roll it into a ball and stuff it into the pocket before chucking it into your diaper bag.

Why Babywearing?

The Ease

New parents have enough on their minds without having to learn how to use a complicated contraption. With the help of our easy to follow tutorials you will become a Beluga Wrap master after the first one or two tries. I promise, it’s easy! And our team is here to help you get the perfect fit at any time - just email

Why Babywearing?

Still wondering what the big deal about babywearing is?
Let’s hit you with some FACTS.

  • Less Crying - Wearing your baby for three hours a day has been shown to reduce crying over 40%.
  • From Womb to Wrap - Transitioning to the big world can be a lot for newborns. The wrap creates a womb-like environment, with subtle pressure from all sides, and reminds baby of the home they’ve had for nine months.
  • Bonding - Holding your baby peacefully and having the ability to soothe them easily and reliably can make it easier to bond with your baby. Especially in conjunction with all the good chemicals and hormones our bodies release with skin to skin contact, it’s a recipe for faster and deeper bonding with your baby.
  • Tummy Time - Wearing your baby actually counts as tummy time, and helps increase neck strength and reduce flat head syndrome.
  • Soothes Gas and Reflux - Having your baby upright after feeds, with the subtle bounce that the Beluga Wrap fabric gives, significantly helps settle babies’ tummies.
  • Can Reduce PPD and PPA - Wearing your baby skin to skin helps to release oxytocin, which reduces the baby blues, promotes bonding, and has been shown to decrease incidences and severity of postpartum depression and anxiety.
  • Helps Babies to Thrive - Babies who are worn, especially those who are underweight or pre-term, have been shown to gain weight and size faster if Kangaroo Care (skin to skin, often using a wrap) has been regularly used.