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Sad Mommy, You Are Not Alone

Discovering Parenthood Beluga Baby Wrap Bamboo Baby Carrier

“I never thought I'd find myself going through post partum depression, but here I am going through it a second time. This time, things are a bit different. PPD hit hard, and with a vengeance.

Little things would send me into a downward spiral. My newborn's cries broke my heart into a million pieces, and would in turn cause me to break down too.

Several things have made a huge difference: the support of my husband, and family, my doctor's guidance, and baby wearing.

Keeping my baby close to me had a bigger impact than I ever could imagine. Having her in a wrap kept her close to me, and to my heart. She could hear that rhythmic sound she was used to. It's almost like baby wearing is magical because she would instantly calm down, and so would I. 

It brought peace to both of us. There's something special about having your little ones so near, a special connection. We both needed baby wearing.”

– Tamara Goyette, Discovering Parenthood


I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time; it’s such a big and important topic. I’ve started it half a dozen times and each time I feel unprepared. I feel like an imposter. See, I never experienced severe postpartum depression. While I did have some minor bouts from week six to month six, it was nothing compared to what some women go through.

I’m going to do my best to give this topic the gravitas and attention it deserves because it is one of the reasons the Beluga Wrap was created.

Beluga Baby Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier

Photo by McLachlan Studios

There comes a time after every mother has her baby that she experiences sadness. Real sadness. Some refer to it as the “baby blues”, and it is. It’s a crazy rollercoaster of hormones and feelings and a LOT of postpartum sweat that takes many new moms by surprise. 

For many mothers, postpartum depression is a very real and scary thing.

When you need to be so selfless,

it’s easy to truly become self-less 

and lose yourself in the mayhem

of new motherhood.

I’m certainly no expert in postpartum depression, and the feelings that I personally had postpartum were far from acute. Postpartum is an extremely serious condition and should be treated as such. This article here puts the feelings of so many new mothers into words. It’s a chilling account of numbness followed by darkness and I suggest you read it, know the signs, and seek help if you need it. Loved ones, please take care of new mothers and get them appropriate medical attention if required.

Among the many tools available to sufferers of PPD, baby wearing is huge. 

Beluga Baby Bamboo Baby Wrap

For those like me who experience sadness, an acute awareness of your sudden loss of freedom, and a longing for a shred of the life before baby, the Beluga Wrap provided a welcome respite. It let me be a little spontaneous. From day two home from the hospital I would wrap up baby Sawyer in the Beluga Wrapand go for breakfast at a local café. I can’t tell you what a difference that made.

Walks in the park, a quick trip to the local grocer, even something as simple as making myself toast. The wrap changed my newborn experience for the better, and I wanted to share that with all new mothers and fathers. 

In terms of medical benefits, baby wearing does much to prevent and alleviate symptoms of postpartum depression. It is by no means a cure, and I want to stress again that if you are experiencing what you think may be PPD that you speak to your medical provider.

The Beluga Wrap is intended for use from womb to world. The fabric has a unique 4 way stretch that mimics the subtle pressure inside the womb. And of course, there’s no sound more familiar than mama’s heart.

Beluga Baby Wrap Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier

Wearing your newborn in the wrap helps baby to regulate their temperature and blood sugar levels. It helps new moms stimulate their milk production, and contributes to feelings to peace and well-being.

Let’s talk about bonding. It’s not always straightforward. There’s no magic “on” switch that happens the first time you hold your baby. For some mothers, bonding with that tiny, helpless new human is far from easy. Wearing your baby can help stimulate your hormones and help you to connect with your baby.

In the wrap they are safe, they are secure, and you are free to use your hands as you please. It’s not only a practical solution, but an emotional one. The connection that baby wearing creates is invaluable!

Beluga Baby Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier

Photo by McLachlan Studios

And here’s the biggest, baddest, best thing about baby wearing. I’ve definitely buried the lead by leaving this to the end, but wearing your baby for three hours or more a day reduces crying by 43% overall, and 51% in the evening hours.

BABES! Less crying!

This is huge. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this work anecdotally. Many insane baby freakouts have been completely and totally calmed in minutes when baby is popped into the wrap.

It’s comfortable, secure, and close to mama. You better believe it’s the most familiar place in the world for your new infant. This is especially true during the fourth trimester, or the first three months postpartum. During this time, babies love to be brought back to their womb-like state, and the wrap does just that.

You can’t afford not to wear your baby. It’s not a fad, it’s a time-honored tradition that spans across cultures. And babes, it’s totally rock & roll.

Beluga Baby Best Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier

If you are feeling sad, weepy or simply not yourself after having your baby, please do not hesitate to contact Postpartum Support International. 

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