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About Beluga Baby

Haley Campbell Beluga Baby Founder

Haley, founder of Beluga Baby, with baby Scottie Reign.

I became a mother in the early evening of April 2nd, 2015. My baby girl Sawyer was born, cord wrapped around her neck three times, and I was forever changed. I was mama. I was hers. 

A healthy and loud baby, Sawyer loved interaction, and never wanted to be put down. I was exhausted, and in just a few short weeks was feeling a keen sense of the “baby blues”. I wanted to spend time with her, meet her every need. But what about me? 

It’s a huge shift, becoming a parent, make no mistake. And I struggled. 

Before Sawyer I had worked full-time, and loved it. I thrive with a challenge, and my brain (and bank account) was craving work. 

How was I supposed to do both? How could I find a way to spend time with my daughterand work?

Enter the snuggly soft Beluga Wrap. 

I ended up launching Beluga Baby when my daughter was five months old. I know, I know. I can hear you now. Starting a new business with a newborn? It sounds a little crazy, but I would never do it any differently. Honestly, it would never have happened if I tried to do it differently. The Beluga Wrap, new motherhood, and starting a business are three pieces of the same puzzle. 

I had tried other wraps and carriers and, while I loved the age-old idea of babywearing in a sling, I wasn’t completely happy with what was currently available. Some wraps were too thick, overwhelming, and they made me overheat. Other wraps only stretched in one direction and I felt like I didn’t have a full range of movement. 

So I curated my own fabric, a blend of mostly bamboo with a touch of cotton for support and a tiny bit of spandex for that unique four-way stretch. You can see how it’s made (locally!)here. 

I wanted to sell something that helped new moms. Really helped them. And I wanted to do it sustainably with products that are natural and good for your baby. This wrap helps moms (and dads) stay close to their babies while allowing them to be hands free. It also reduces infant crying by over 40%. Babywearing is awesome, find out whyhere

The Beluga Baby Wrap is beautiful, comfortable, and above all, does just what it promises, makes you and baby happier and closer. It brings a little bit of peace into the newborn days and gave birth to our tagline:

Rock n’ Roll & Babywearing.

Shop our collection here. 

Fast forward seven years, and I’ve just given birth to my second daughter, Scottie Reign. Once again I’m reminded how invaluable the Beluga Wrap is. I use it every single day. Baby won’t nap? Into the Beluga. Need to chop veggies? Into the Beluga. Want to do your hair and makeup? Beluga to the Rescue! There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wonder - how do parents survive without it? I honestly don’t know.

Beluga Baby is my dream come true. All you babes (moms, dads, and babies!) make my world go 'round. I can't thank you enough, and I hope you feel part of a worldwide babywearing family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Hales

PS. I'd love to hear from you! You can contact me at or get in touch on Facebook or Instagram @belugababy.