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Beluga Snuggles + Daddywearing!

I've gotta be honest, coming out with new Limited Edition colours is my favourite thing to do in the Beluga Baby world. I get to flex my creative muscles, and envision your little ones wrapped up in something new and adorable. 

Our bamboo baby carriers are perfect for newborns all the way to 25 pounds. To watch our super-duper helpful video tutorials on how to use them, click here. 

At Beluga Baby we know that Dads love carrying their babies too! 

There are so many benefits for Dads to wear their little bundles of joy.

  • Bonding: seriously nothing is better for bonding than snuggling your little one and just spending time with them next to your heartbeat.
  • Helping mom: when fathers can carry their babies they not only give mom a break, they can still perform any hands-free function while doing it. Baby wraps are the easiest way to be hands-on and hands-free. 

We might be biased, but baby wraps are the easiest way for Dads to take over the baby carrier duties

Once you get over the easy learning curve of using your baby wrap, it becomes so much less hassle than any other carrier.

  1. You can use the same carrier for Mom and Dad. The wrap is one-size-fits-all. 
  2. It folds up small enough to carry with you anywhere. Unlike more formed carriers with buckles and straps, the baby wrap can simply fold up in your cart, basket, or diaper bag for quick and easy use. 
  3. Beluga Baby wraps are comfortable and breathable for both baby AND daddy.

Beluga Baby provides a number of Daddy-friendly baby carrier colours

While some dads are just fine rocking the rainbow or floral prints, we know that others prefer more subdued colours.

This season, two of my all-time favorite colours came to life - The Ophelia and The Justine. 

As usual, they were named after two women who inspire me in my life. 


Ophelia Beluga Wrap Bamboo Baby Carrier

The Ophelia is named after my niece who lives in Australia. She's just about to graduate high school, is incredibly kind and funny, and is an all-around gem. I miss her, living all the way here in Canada, but am also secretly jealous she gets to live the beach life. This beautiful wine colour is for your Ophelia! 

The fabric is a mix of two colours actually - a dark maroon and a deep grape. Tiny 1mm "stripes" give the fabric a shimmer, kind of like a heather but more dynamic. I love how it turned out. 


The Justine Beluga Wrap Bamboo Baby Carrier

The Justine is a black and white buffalo plaid that my super smart friend begged me to make forever! She just had her second baby four months ago, and I loved being able to surprise her with the fact that the plaid was coming to life - and that it would be named after her. 

Want to know the best thing about this colour? It's sticking around! We kept selling out of this gorgeous print - so I know ya'll are digging it. I decided to make it a part of our Core Collection. After all, what's more Canadian than plaid?

And guess what! They come in swaddles too! Our swaddles are Oversized, and are made from the same super-soft bamboo as our wraps. The Ophelia is shown here in swaddle form, alongside our Jennifer colour-way. 

Click here to shop Oversized Swaddles. 

Beluga Baby Bamboo Newborn Swaddle Blanket

All photo credit to Haylee Maz Photo. 

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