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A Few Of My Favourite Things...February 2019

As mothers (and fathers), we sometimes lose track of what makes us tick, what makes our hearts leap. The intention of this little list is to remind you that what you love is important. What moves you is important. Chase it, find it, hold it close. You can rediscover yourself in small ways, and in that, become a better parent. One that is happier, more content, more available to their children.

This is the list of what I love this month. What did you find? Leave a comment and let me know what moved you this month!

1. Loom and Kiln

Beluga Baby Slings loves Loom and Kiln

A good rug can make or break a room; I know this. Our house had boring, drab, greyish brown rugs in it for the longest time. Because, you know, toddlers and dirt. But guess what? Colour, and especially pattern, hides mess almost as good as brown. And boy, does it ever lookbetter. I’ve beenloving these sourced rugs from Loom and Kiln. They restock rugs every Wednesday at 9 am, andeveryweek there’s something I want to buy.

2. Nanobebe Bottles

Beluga Baby loves Nanobebe bottles

I’ve never seen bottles that are so easy for small babies to grasp and hold onto themselves. And they totally look like a boob. Which makes sense, since it’s touted as “the bottle for breastfed babies”. They’ve got a whole system that makes pumping and storing your breastmilk easier, but I think the real winner is the design of the bottle.

3. @hellonutritarian on Instagram

Beluga Baby loves nutrition

Eating healthy is hard, especially when we have new babies. Sometimes this account intimidates me, but then I decide to think about it the way I think about home renovation blogs: a source of inspiration that I can take bits and pieces of. For example, I now store my asparagus in water in a mason jar in the fridge and it’s now more tender and lasts three times as long. It’s not about all or nothing; it’s about the little things.

4. Mind Your Bees Wraps

I’m in favour of reducing waste, especially if it comes in a cute package. These patterned beeswax food wraps are an eco-friendly alternative to cling/saran wrap. Plus they make your fridge lookadorable.

5. Gigi Pip Hats

As a self-proclaimed “hat-head”, I know I look good in a hat. Still, it takes a pretty special accessory to make me explain “I need that!” These hats did just that. Created to instill confidence in women of all ages, nearly every single hat had be clicking “add to cart”. The only hard part? Deciding which ones to buy.


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