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A Few of my Favourite Things....March 2019

As mothers (and fathers), we sometimes lose track of what makes us tick, what makes our hearts leap. The intention of this little list is to remind you that what you love is important. What moves you is important. Chase it, find it, hold it close. You can rediscover yourself in small ways, and in that, become a better parent. One that is happier, more content, more available to their children.

This is the list of what I love this month. What did you find? Leave a comment and let me know what moved you this month!

1. Indoor Plants

Beluga Baby loves indoor plants that are hard to kill, like this ZZ plant

I’ve had a brown thumb as long as I can remember; I’ve killed every single plant I’ve ever bought. So, for a long time, I didn’t even think to put indoor plants in my house. After all, it was just invited sadness and failure.

Turns out, there are plants you can grow inside that are actually hardy, difficult to kill. Ones that thrive in low light and being ignored. My kind of plants.

So I got a few. And wouldn’t you know it, they make me so happy. Having green around your house brings so much joy! Here’s a couple varieties I’m loving, both of which do well with limited watering and low light: the ZZ plant ( shown above), and the Snake Plant ( shown below).

Beluga Baby loves indoor plants that are hard to kill, like this snake plant


2. The Katemini Bag from Matt & Nat

Beluga Baby loves Mat & Nat vegan hand bags

My favourite vegan leather bag company just released the CUTEST mini bags that I’m drooling over. They come in so many colours, and the cross-body style works perfectly with our wraps; they can tuck just over to one side under your baby’s little bum.

3. Banana + Egg Pancakes Without Flour

Beluga Baby loves flour free banana pancakes

  1. Two eggs + two bananas + a dash of cinnamon
  2. Blend blend blend blend
  3. Cook like a pancake
  4. Be amazed at the pancake-like texture and yummy flavour

4. The Break by Marian Keyes

Beluga Baby loves The Break by Marian Keyes

Marian Keyes never fails to bring real characters who feel real things to life. Each decision that the main character of this book took Ifelt. I understood her motivations and she made me laugh out loud.  This is the story of a husband who decides to “find himself” in Southeast Asia for six months while leaving his wife back home for “The Break”...whatever that means.

5. The Dawn Wall

Beluga Baby loves The Dawn Wall

We threw this movie, available on Netflix, on one night when we were bored. We had no idea about it, aren’t climbers, and had never heard about it before. Let me tell you...IT IS AMAZING. We didn’t check our phones for the entire movie, and though it’s about mountain climbing, it also feels like a movie about connection, and realizing that love isn’t real unless it’s shared. This is a standout movie for me for 2019, and that’s saying a lot coming from this movie buff.

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