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What's The Best Way To Carry Your Baby In Hot Weather? Tips + Tricks for Comfort and Safety

Spring is in the air! We are quickly approaching the warmer Spring and Summer weather. Or, perhaps, you're living somewhere that it's already warm. Lucky you!

Wearing your baby can be a lovely cozy snuggly affair in the cooler months, but hot weather can be dangerous for babies as they may be affected adversely by the heat. Babies and young children can’t cool themselves as well as adults so they’re more at risk of overheating and developing a heat-related illness.

So, do we have to give up our hands-free snuggles when the sun comes out?

No! You can still enjoy wearing your baby even when it's hot out, as long as you follow our hot weather tips. The Beluga Wrap was designed to be as cool and breathable as possible in the heat and humidity.

How to stay cool while carrying your baby in the summerBaby Wearing In Summer

1) Dress lightly. Your baby wrap or carrier acts as an extra layer of clothing for both you and baby. Carry an extra layer, like a cardigan, to put on over top if you need it as the evening gets cooler, but keep your base layer light. Natural fabrics like bamboo, linen, hemp and organic cotton tend to be thermally regulating and cooler for both baby and mom. They are also naturally sweat-wicking which means that the sweat stays off the skin. If your baby is going to be in the wrap, don't be afraid to just have them in a diaper, since the wrap will be covering most of their body.

2) Stay in the shade. Sunscreen is not recommended for babies less than six months old, so hats, a parasol ( my fave!), or a good old fashioned tree are best. 

3) Sunscreen. Up until recently, it wasn't recommended for babies under six months to wear sunscreen. Now, AAP has updated their guidelines, saying that babies can have baby-safe sunscreen applied to small areas of their bodies like face, hands, and feet. 

4) Wear a hat. A wide-brimmed hat made from breathable fabrics, like these ones, are perfect to provide protection to your babies head, neck, and ears. 

5) Drink fluids often. It's hard to tell if young babies are thirsty. Letting them nurse, or bottle feed fluids more often is the best way to know that baby is hydrated. Don't forget to hydrate mama more often too!

6) Know of the signs of overheating. Check the nape of your babies neck to discern body temperature. Hands and feet are unreliable, since they're extremities and often much cooler than the body of your baby. If your baby starts to be floppy or more irritable, this could be a sign of heat stress. Immediately take baby somewhere cooler, out of the sun,  give more liquids, and take your baby to be checked by a doctor if they don't improve.


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