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I Was a Skeptic...

It was September of 2015 and my best friend Haley was opening her own business. Out of support I purchased 2 wraps, then 6 months pregnant. I tucked them away in the nursery and smiled and nodded when she told me how much I was going to love using them with Cece. 

I had NO idea what to expect with my newborn and when Cece came along, the first couple weeks were a blur. I would call Haley up and tell her I was captive to my couch with a sleeping baby on me. I couldn't actually complete a single task when my baby was awake since I was holding her all of the time.

And she kept telling me to use the wrap. 

But, I was a skeptic. 

C'mon, how could a piece of fabric improve my life?

How could a wrap make things any easier? What's so great about this piece of long soft fabric?

Then one day after Haley told me for the 50th time to get it out, I did. And life changed.

I could make myself toast! I wasn't dependant on others to bring me necessities. Now, when I wear my baby she is happy, content and usually falls asleep as I get things done around the house. Things that help me feel good about how our day went.

Little things like putting dishes in the sink or making myself some coffee. Beautiful things that make me happy and don't result in a crying baby because I left her  side.  Nope.  She is hugged close to me and I'm happier and she is happier.

Don't be intimidated...wrapping is easier than you think!

Also I need to say I was intimidated to learn how to wrap due to sleep deprivation. I didn't want to have to do anything that required brain effort at all! But after watching the tutorial twice and wrapping twice I mastered it!

Now I realize why Haley opened this business and is so passionate about her product.  It really does change your life. Thank you for creating something so special for both moms and babies. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!!! I promise to believe how amazing it will be right from the start .


Rachel and Cece

Rachel is the namesake behind The Rachel Wrap, and one of our new colours being released this spring will be named "The Cece".

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