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Babies should have friends too!

Over the holidays we visited good friends (okay, I admit, they're great friends), who have a daughter six weeks younger than Sawyer.

Baby Elin, looking her adorable self! 

It is so. awesome. to have a friend with a baby so close in age. Our baby girls just LOVE each other. I mean, seriously, the joy on their faces when they see each other is absolutely infectious. They just look at each other with these idiotic grins on their faces like they can't believe their luck. It's the cutest thing ever. Or at least the cutest thing since that viral video where that baby goat started doing 360's off his friend's backs. 

I couldn't help but imagine their lives together, growing up with each other. Having a daughter is being constantly concerned. I'm sure having a son is, too. But having been a girl, and knowing how hard and scary it can be, it weighs constantly on your mind. 

Will she be confident? Will she love her body? Will she know how to love others fiercely and be loyal? Will she know how to seek friends that show similar love and loyalty?

Will she know when to stay, and when to walk away? Can I help her realize that being kind is always better than being right, and that a hug can solve a world of problems? Will she learn to cherish her unique abilities, and the unique abilities of others?

Will she love this beautiful planet we live on, and be kind to it? Will she keep herself safe?

Will she stand up for herself? Will she stand up for others?

Being a human in this world is hard work, and being a girl can be even harder sometimes. 

That's why I want to nurture this friendship between these two girls. I hope they grow to love each other, and rely on each other, and help each other become strong confident women. I hope they keep each other accountable, and keep each other safe from the dangers of this world. 

As a parent, there's only so much we can do, especially as our little babies grow into kids, and become teenagers, and *gasp* tiny adults. We can love them and show them how to love themselves and others. 

Sawyer, with cookie on her face. 

So I'm happy Sawyer has Elin to make her laugh, keep her company, and generally adventure through life with. I can't wait to see their friendship grow. 

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January 09, 2016

This was so beautifully written and EXACTLY what I needed to hear to boast moral as I sit in my hospital gown half awake, feeling a lot like a milk factory… And Only half human. Thank you for this :) sniffs newborn baby girl

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