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What makes the Beluga Baby Wrap different?

Beluga Baby Wrap Bamboo Newborn Wrap Carrier

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Hey Babes,

So what makes the Beluga Wrap unique?

I get this question a lot. And I love it, because there’s a really good answer for it. After all, I created this wrap after trying out several other baby carriers and baby wraps, and not finding one that I loved.

The most important difference is the fabric. Beluga Wraps are made from a bamboo-based rayon, blended with a touch of cotton for support, and an even smaller touch of spandex for stretch. You have to feel it to believe it. One of the most common things I hear from customers when they receive the wrap is, “Oh my god, this fabric!”

Due to its unique qualities, the bamboo fabric also makes babies up to 25 pounds feel nearly weightless. With proper wrapping technique, even a larger baby can be carried comfortably in the Beluga Wrap. 

Not only does it feel amazing, but bamboo is one of the quickest growing plants, doesn’t require pesticides to grow, can be harvested sustainably, and requires little water to grow. It is awesome stuff. 

The other difference is stretch. The Beluga Baby Wrap is the only wrap made in Canada from bamboo that has four way stretch. This means that the fabric hugs your baby from all angles, mimicking the feeling of being in the womb. This also means that the wearer has a greater range of motion. Even with the panels pulled down your shoulder to distribute the weight evenly, you can lift your arms above your head.

 Beluga Wrap Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier Made In Canada Newborn Baby Shower Gift

Another difference, albeit a small one, is that this baby wrap can fold up completely into the small pocket sewn into one end. You can fold it up nicely into a square, or, if you’re like me, roll it into a ball and stuff it into the pocket before chucking it into your diaper bag. 

The last difference is the its easy.New parents have enough on their minds without having to learn how to use a complicated contraption. With the help of our easy to follow tutorials (watch those by clicking here), you will become a Beluga Wrap master after the first one or two tries. I promise, it’s easy.

Happy wrapping!


Haley Campbell

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