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Beluga Baby Blog

It’s a scary thing, going from a steady full-time job to suddenly – SMASH – you’re a full-time mom. At least for the first few weeks I’m fully expecting to be in survival/enjoy every single moment mode. Baby girl won’t be a squirrel-sized human for long, so I intend to spend every spare second staring at her and wondering who she’ll turn out to be.

At some point though, I know I’m going to want to get back into the swing of things. And by that I mean work.

Here in Canada I’m lucky enough to get almost an entire year of paid maternity leave. It’s 55% of my current wage, but since it’s tax-exempt it almost comes to the same amount. I’m sure I can deal. A few less nights on the town…not that that’s going to be difficult with a newborn!

It’s really the perfect opportunity to think about how I could finally work for myself. Start my own business. Be my own boss. Gosh that sounds good.