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The first five weeks of motherhood

Hello my lovelies,

I’m happy to FINALLY announce the arrival of our beautiful baby girl, Sawyer Lori Campbell. Born at 5:30 pm on Thursday, April 2nd, she had her cord wrapped around her neck three times but still arrived screaming. That’s my girl!

The birth was long but uncomplicated. After 48 hours of labour I was finally dilated enough to check into the hospital. By that point I hadn’t slept in two days and was exhausted. I will post my full birth story later, but in short, I got an epidural soon after I arrived at the hospital, had a nap, some toast and some juice, contracted for several more hours until I was ready to push, and pushed her out in under an hour.

Since then it’s been a whirlwind. Any moms out there know the strange fog of the first few weeks – an odd combination of being very busy and also bored. Not that I’m bored of my baby – gosh no! I’m loving every second of staring adoringly at her little face – it’s just that at this point they are basically little eating, pooping, sleeping machines. It does get monotonous after a while and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Especially for someone like me who needs to accomplish something in a day. That’s been the biggest adjustment for me I think, just being okay with not getting anything done. Other that keeping another human alive with my body(can I get a round of applause for all moms for a moment? Yeah, it is HARD work!).

The other day I had a shower AND did the laundry. Like, that was a pretty freakin’ great day. Hail me! Look how much I did! My non mom friends were totally not impressed, but my mom friends totally cheered for me. Seriously guys, I was super mom that day.

I’m back working on the business now, what with the little one in more of a schedule and me adjusting to this odd business of sleeping in fits and snatches.

Things are moving along with the wraps, I really hope to have them ready for you beauties by the end of June. Right now I’m finalizing the logo, starting on the packaging (I want it to be super special for you!), choosing the colours for the wraps (three to start) and blogging/vlogging!

My favourite part at the moment is…all of it! I love hanging out with my little girl, especially now that she’s starting to smile and react to us, and I love working on the business. I hope you all come on this awesome ride with me of motherhood, starting a business, and all things beautiful and creative. 

Till next time, here’s some pictures of my gorgeous little girl. Hope you’re as smitten as I am!

To see more of her, and follow my progress in pictures, follow us on Instagram at (that’s my username).

All of these photos were done by the beautiful and talented Eva Grace. You can find her on instagram @stellagrace to make inquiries. 

Ciao Lovelies,


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