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Is that a baby on the roof?!

Hi babes!

We just wrapped our very first Beluga Baby photo shoot and I couldn’t have asked for a smoother day. When you’re dealing with four babies for over four hours the potential for disaster is so high. I’m talking milk on the ceiling, poop on the walls, crying moms in the corner kind of messy.

Luckily it was nothing like that. There were no tears (from moms or from babies), except maybe from me from relief at the end of the day. I was so lucky to have such wonderful models. Ladies and gents who are (or were before) good friends. 

There’s just something bonding about all working together to take care of each others babies, making sure each other looks stunningly gorgeous, and generally supporting each other through a day that had the potential to be a big stress bucket.

So a HUGE thanks to Chantal, Liz, Jeff, Matiu, Jess, and Eva. And the gorgeous babies on set – Layla, Sawyer, Ashley James, and Bowen.

We started at noon with Chantal and her gorgeous four month old Bowen. This baby has the most gorgeous expressive eyes, and is very quick with a smile. As for Chantal, well she is the definition of a smoke show! You two killed it at the shoot!

Then Liz and her ten month old Ashley James swapped in. Liz is an amazing entrepreneur – the owner of a local hair salon and barber shop called Rebels and Rogues. Her baby is full of smiles and laughs and it such an entertainer. She’s a mover and shaker but, true to form, as soon as she was popped in the wrap she calmed right down and snuggled up to mom. Thanks Liz! 

Up next was Jeff, and since Ashley James had had enough, he got to snuggle up to Layla, the photographer’s daughter. Layla is nine weeks old and Jeff immediately commented on how light she felt! Isn’t is weird when we’re used to carrying a larger baby just how feather light younger babies feel? Jeff rocked his shoot with Layla. Thanks so much!

My good friend Matiu was up next. His wife Rachel is nine months pregnant, due any day now! And the three of them are going to be one good looking family. Matiu wrapped up the photoshoot with Sawyer. Honestly, I can’t wait to see them both carrying their little girl in one of our wraps.

We wrapped (get it, wrapped? Oh me!) the day with a shoot on the roof with all the families and their babies. So yes, babies on the roof! But don’t worry, everyone was very safe.

Eva Grace, @stellagrace on Instagram, photographed.

Me and Sawyer

What a wonderful day!

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Lori Horvath

Lori Horvath

August 23, 2015

Looking forward to picking up afew more wraps, these are my go to shower gifts for new moms, I keep getting big thank you’s and photos, they are astress reducer for those first few months,and the dad’s are loving them too!

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