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Black Friday is coming!

Beluga Baby Black Friday Sale 2023

For those of you who’ve been around a while, you’ll know that we never do sales. 

This is for a good reason. All our goods are ethically manufactured, with Beluga Wraps being made right here in Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

Making items from eco-friendly materials (Oeko-Tex 100 Certified), locally no less, is extremely expensive. 

And our costs continue to go up. 

That’s why we are always transparent with you, and we don’t price our goods expecting them to go on sale. 

That being said, times aretough. We know it. Our family is feeling it as well. Purse strings are pinched and everything seems to be going up and up and up. 

So, we’re going to continue doing what we have every year for our fans.

Have a Black Friday Sale!

Beluga Baby Wrap Newborn Carrier Bamboo

Beluga Baby Wraps are the best carriers for newborn to one year. Perfect for soothing gas and colic, they reduce crying by over 40% when during the day and evening. They’re an absolute game-changer for your new baby life.

Beluga Baby Buckle Carrier

Then, when you’re well and addicted to that babywearing life, The Beluga Buckle is a lovingly crafted “next step” carrier. Made from linen and organic cotton, this breathable yet sturdy carrier is light, super cute, and a cult classic on the babywearing forums. 

Our sale will be on November 24th. Beluga Wraps and Buckle Carriers will be 20%. Swaddles, Baby Hats, and Zippered Rompers will be 30% off. And all Maternity and Nursing Clothing will be a whopping 40% off!

If you’d like EARLY ACCESS to this sale, a full 48 hours before it opens to the public, simply sign up to be an email insider subscriber below. 

All our stock inventory is limited for this sale, so some colours will definitely sell out before the sale is over. If you’ve got your eye on something specific, I’d sign up for early access to ensure it doesn’t sell out before Friday’s Official Black Friday Sale.

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