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My Five Favourite Things: October 2018

It's a busy life out there for all of us Mama's, here are my five favourite things that rose about the noise that I wanted to share with you!

#1 Easy weeknight pasta by Nigella Lawson

Easy Lemon Butter Pasta

    #2 All Things Hemingway

    Earnest Hemingway Quote

      #3 Being included in Jillian Harris’ Fave Canadian Brands

      Jillian Harris and Family wearing a Beluga Baby wrap/sling

      • If you don't know about Jillian Harris yet it's time to learn: this talented lady is an online influencer, interior designer, and host of Love it Or List It, and a mom. I am super excited to be mentioned in her list of favourite baby brands.

      #4 Nursing/Maternity/Anytime shirts from Au Fait Mama

      Batwing Long Sleeve by Aut Fais Mama for Beluga Baby

      • Made from fabric similar to Beluga Baby.
      • I literally wear mine all the time.
      • I’m not nursing or pregnant and it’s still my fave shirt.

      #5 Once


      • The best musical for people who don’t like musicals. And those who do. And everyone in between.
      • Basically just watch it and be blown away.

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