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How to wear your baby safely in the Beluga Wrap

Our babies are the most precious beings in our lives. They are our whole world, cradled in our arms. Every coo is a revelation, every tear a devastation. 

But as a new parent, it’s not always easy to learn new things. Like baby wearing. Like wrapping a long piece of fabric around your body and placing baby in it. It’s true - sometimes that’s the last thing you want to practice. 

Here’s why it’s worth it. 

  1. It’s not that hard. Really, truly, I promise! Five to ten minutes is all it takes to watch the tutorials (found here) and give it a go. Once, twice, three times. If it’s your first time, practice wrapping three times before putting baby in. Each time you’ll do it better. Each time you’ll remove more slack and get the wrap tight enough to keep baby high and kissable height. 
  2. It will make your life easier in the long run. Studies have shown, babies who are worn cry up to 50% less. That’s HALF the crying you guys. Ground-breaking. 
  3. Hands-free joy. The beauty of making yourself toast (trust me, with a newborn it’s a big accomplishment), going for a walk (stash a diaper and wipes in the pocket and off you go!), or soothing your colicky baby is pure joy. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Beluga Wraps have a four-way stretch. I did that on purpose. Part of why I wanted to create my own wrap with my newborn was that I felt constricted with other wraps I had tried. And my husband loved to wear Sawyer (my baby girl), but when the panels were pulled over his shoulders, he felt he couldn’t lift his arms up. 

That’s why the four-way stretch, if you’re wondering. 

Once we’d tested it (for our own comfort), we found something amazing. Sawyer liked it more too. The subtle pressure from all sides, the little bounce this fabric gave, it all helped relieve her gas and made her SO happy. 

Beluga Baby Wrap

The first time I wore my newborn in our Beluga Baby prototype. It was LOVE. 

Beluga Baby Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier

One of our very first Beluga Wrap prototypes. Me looking tired, Sawyer looking very content. Beluga Baby Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier

My husband enjoying his newfound arm freedom. 

But it’s stretchy. (Duh, Haley). 

That means that before you put baby in, you’ll need to be diligent to remove all the slack. Here’s a video showing how that’s done. 

Here’s the gist:

Step 1: Start the wrap above your bust, instead of at your waist. 

Step 2: Make sure the panels aren't twisted behind you. 

Step 3: Pull the fabric slack out of the panel with the logo on it.

Step 4: Pull the ends (the parts coming over your shoulders) up and out to remove slack behind you.

Then tie off like normal!

Once you have the wrap on - make sure to pull the fabric all the way from knee to knee to make a good seat for your baby. This will help keep them in a healthy hip position! 

Visuals. I’m such a visual person, maybe you are too? Here’s how a newborn should look positioned with legs in, and legs out. Remember - both are acceptable from birth. But if you’re using legs in, when baby starts to push up or sits on their feet, it’s time to move to legs out.Beluga Baby Bamboo Baby Carrier Wrap

Newborn with legs in. 

Beluga Baby Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier

Newborn with legs in. Photo by Creative Wife and Joyful Worker.

And, here’s how an infant (3+ months) should look. Beluga Baby Bamboo Baby Carrier Wrap

Last but not least (most definitely not least), remember T.I.C.K.S. 

Tight: Baby wrap must be tied tightly and securely at all times.

In view at all times: Baby must never be hidden from your view by the wrap.

Close enough to kiss. Bend down and place a kiss on your baby’s head. If you need to strain, baby is too low. 

Keep chin off chest: A good check is to see if you can fit two fingers under their chin.

Supported back: Baby’s back must be straight and secure.

These wraps are my love letter to you - new moms and new dads. I want to make your days brighter and full of happiness. If you ever have any questions about using your wrap you can email our team at

Buy your own Beluga Wrap here. 



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March 30, 2017

Hi there,
I just got my wrap and I’m beyond excited to start using it ??? the question I do have is are you going to make a video showing how to breastfeed using our wraps? I tuned in on instagram when you were live but I didn’t have my wrap at that point. I know you showed how to readjust baby but I was just curious if a video could be posted for help..I’m a total visual person ??

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