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How to Nurse in Your Beluga Wrap

Let me start out by saying this:

“Bottle or breast, fed is best.”

Only you know what is best for your baby, and your family. And you are doing a great job new mama or new papa.

Wearing your baby in the Beluga Baby bamboo wrap carrier is an incredible experience for both the wearer, and your new baby. The four-way stretch is incredibly comfortable on your back and shoulders, and provides a little bounce, and subtle pressure from all sides, that babies find comforting. There’s no faster way to soothe a grumpy baby than being wrapped up, next to your beating heart.

But what if your nursing baby is hungry? There’s an easy way to nurse in your Beluga Wrap. Take a look at this video demonstrating how!

One quick note - the better neck control your baby has, the easier it becomes to nurse. Ease of nursing in the wrap also depends a lot on breast size, as well as baby’s latch. So if it’s not easy for you - don’t fret! Try it sitting down first. There is a learning curve, but being able to walk around nursing, hands-free, is totally worth the effort.

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