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How Bamboo Baby Wraps Help New Moms

Motherhood. It's a challenge and a huge reward, all in one. There is no greater joy than loving and raising a child, yet there is no greater challenge. Long, sleepless nights spent feeding your little one to spending what seems like every waking moment with them is equal parts exhaustive and life-giving. Here at Beluga Baby, we know first-hand the lifestyle change that comes with having your first baby (or second, or seventh!). And that was the inspiration for our bamboo baby wraps.

After giving birth, it's instictual to keep your little one as close to you as possible. You want to bond with them; you want to keep them safe. But what happens when you need your hands to make a snack, open up the mail, or even send a text? 

Enter Beluga Baby wraps.

Our baby wraps are many things, including beautiful and convenient. Made from sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo, you can rest assured that your baby is only coming in contact with healthy, stretchy material. The softness of the fabric works to soothe your little one at any time of the day. The best part? Your hands are kept free, allowing you to live your life while keeping baby as close to you as can be.

The benefits of babywearing are vast and powerful. From soothing your baby into a peaceful sleep to combating postpartum depression, there are many reasons why you need to invest in a bamboo baby wrap from Beluga Baby today.

Soothes Gas + Colic

Does your baby cry an abnormal about? They could be suffering from colic. Colic,according to BabyCenter, is uncontrollable crying in a baby that is younger than five months. If your little one cries for more than three or more hours straight for weeks on end, chances are they have colic. That said, colic isn’t a disease and doesn’t put your baby in harm. Phew! However, crying for that long can be exhausting for them, so how do you calm them down? A bamboo baby wrap is a good place to start. Studies show that carrying your baby close to your chest in a wrap reduces crying by about 40 percent. Yes, it’s true! The soothing and calming nature of being close to Mom relieves crying, colic, and gas.

Helps To Bond You + Your Little One

Being in tune with your breathing and heartbeat is incredibly soothing to your baby and their nervous systems. Carrying your baby in a Beluga wrap doesn’t just benefit the baby, but it benefits you too. You get to keep your baby close to your chest, feeling them near you, as you go about your day around the house. Both you and your baby will comforted and bond with one another.

Combats Postpartum Depression

Experiencing postpartum depression after having a baby is common, yet difficult. Read Beluga Babyfounder’s experience post-birth in a recent post. When going through this, having your baby close to your chest and beating heart can work to combat it.

Keeps Your Hands Free

In addition to reducing crying, colic, and gas, as well as combating postpartum depression and creating a bond between you and your baby, Beluga Baby wraps keep you truly hands-free. While you keep your baby close to your heart, you can keep your hands free to do chores around the house, make yourself some toast or coffee, and text your friend. You can still live your life while bonding with your newborn and keeping them close.

Invest In Yourself + Your Little One With A Beluga Wrap

Being a new parent is great joy - and a huge challenge. From sleepless nights to comforting an infant with colic, being a new mom is equal parts exhausting and rewarding. And new motherhood can ignite an identity crisis, as you enter into a new stage of life. Finding stability throughout the transition into motherhood is essential. This is where Beluga Baby comes into play — a bamboo baby wrap that comforts and soothes your little one while allowing you to keep your hands free is revolutionary androck n’ roll! Our bamboo baby wraps are one of a kind necessities for moms on the go.

We have a wide selection of wrap designs. Take a look for yourself and find one that fits your style perfectly. Oh, and did we mention that dads can also rock these wraps? You’re going to need more than one… shop Beluga Baby today!

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