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How To Be A Real Adult

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I think I’m doing this backwards. I have a nine month old, my own business, and I’ve lived in three different countries. But I literally just got it together enough to order more ziplock bags before my last bag runs out. That sounds silly. I realize that. But as I put away the new box and proudly took out the last two baggies from the old box to lay them on top, I gave myself a mental pat on the back. Yes! This is how adults do it!

I am struck by how “together” some people are. They always have fancy cheese in the fridge and gluten free crackers in the cupboard for when guests come over unannounced. They have white linens on their beds and pillow shams. They always have a fancy bottle of hand soap in the bathroom. Their furniture matches, and they have a full set of wine glasses in their cupboard (I broke the last of my set last week).

And fashion! Good god, what I would give to know how to put together a thoughtful outfit. Whatever gene it is that helps people put themselves together I am most certainly missing. If my outfit happens to “go” it is most certainly an accident. A total coincidence in the same way that that creepy thing happens when you say a word and the person on the TV says it at exactly the same time. It’s spooky.

And light fixtures. I’ve recently realized that when people move into a new apartment they often replace the light fixtures with ones that have actual style. What do you mean I don’t have to keep these ugly light shades from the 1970’s that have ten or fifteen flies and several wasps that have died a sad and dreary death inside? What the what!!!!

But recently I’ve made several steps in the right direction. First, there’s the Ziplock bags. I also now have couches without holes in them. I put pictures into frames and nailed those frames on to the wall. I have a fully stocked spice cabinet and am learning to use my slow cooker. I make a dinner plan and buy groceries to fit the recipes. I have Tupperware.

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And I have this adorable little goober. 

I may have gotten married at 20, and had a baby at 25, but I’m still learning how to “adult”. And learning what my adult looks like. It’s a little more “adverntury” and a little less put together than some people’s “adult”, but I like that. I’ll never be a fashionista, but I’m working on getting a closet full of good basics.

My name is Haley and I’m becoming an adult.

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Gail Schwenning

Gail Schwenning

January 20, 2016

I’m a little older than you and I’m still learning how to be an adult. LOL.



January 19, 2016

Tupperware is the key to adulthood :)



January 19, 2016

Great article. You’ve grown up enough, you can stop now, you’ve reached the perfect balance. I love you. Can you send me this photo, I want to frame it.

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