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Tiny babies get me right in the feels!

November is Prematurity Awareness Month, when the tiniest of babies need your help. I originally found out about Preemie month (as it’s affectionately known as) from Jami and Twenty Eight and Oak. Together we dreamed up a little passion project that finally came to fruition this week. 

With the help from several of our favourite local brands, we created a special care package destined for a NICU family. Jami remembered that when she was in the NICU with her 28 weeker Emerson (now a healthy and rambunctious 16 month old), she was gifted a quilt, and it made such a huge impact on her during that tumultuous time. We wanted to bring a little lightness and joy to a family going through a similarly tough time.

So, we both reached out to other baby brands locally, hoping that others would join us in contributing a gift for the family.

And holy smokes babes, the local small shop community responded in an incredible way. What a gift it ended up being!

Beluga Baby Gift BasketBeluga Wrap Basket

Bamboo Baby Wraps Made in Canada

Around the time we were looking for a family to give the gift to, a mom, Christina, with a baby in the NICU contacted Jami just a few weeks before we had planned to do the surprise giveaway. It was perfect! Jami organized to meet the mom under the guise of delivering a teething necklace for her baby girl, Charlotte. 

Little did Christina know what was in store for her. We found her around noon and got ourselves all ready from afar. We were so excited! Just imagining what she'd been through the past months - over 190 days in the NICU with her baby girl, away from home, her family, and her older boy. If anyone deserved a pick me up, it was her. 

Then, the moment was here. We got our cameras ready, I got my baby girl strapped to me (sadly she's outgrowing her Beluga Wrap at almost 25 pounds, so we used an Ergo), and off we marched in her direction.

We ambushed her, and showered her with gifts. Her smile lit up the whole room, and made the weeks of planning SO worth it. Watch how it all went down. 

Beluga Baby Gift Bamboo Baby WrapBamboo Baby Wrap

Bamboo baby wrap

To support moms like Christina, buy anything from Beluga Baby or Twenty Eight and Oak during the month of November. Or you can donate directly to your local NICU! If you live in British Columbia, use the link to donate to the BC Women’s Hospital Newborn ICU here.

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