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10% of November Sales for Babies Like Emerson

November is Preemie Awareness month, and as a new mother of a healthy baby, this gets me right in the feels. To think that the moment you get to meet your fresh new baby could also be a moment, followed by many more moments, of sheer terror. A time that's supposed to be so special, turned upside down. 

That's why we've decided to donate a portion of all sales for the month of November to this special cause. Now you can feel extra good about your Beluga Purchase. 

This is newborn baby Emerson, born at just 28 weeks. 

This little fighter belongs to Jami, of Twenty Eight and Oak . He spent 64 nights in the local NICU before finally being able to go home. But it's a funny thing, the NICU, the place where all this scary stuff is happening to your much to small baby, has become like a second home. 

“By the time Emerson (born at 28 weeks gestation) was discharged, we had spent roughly 64 nights apart. We were so ready to be at home as a family, but it was entirely bittersweet to be leaving a place to which we had grown so attached. It was because of the doctors, nurses and staff at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre that we were able to part ways feeling educated, confident and strong. It was a hugely emotional time," says Jami. 


The day that parents are finally able to bring their premature baby home is affectionately known as their “Graduation Day”. Twenty Eight and Oak and Beluga Baby have taken the initiative to carefully curate a gift box full of sensory-friendly newborn must-haves (and new-parent goodies!), to present to one of these families on their special Graduation Day. It’s a day of joy and uncertainty – bringing home a fragile new baby after they have been unwell for some time and we’re hoping to make that day a little less scary, with the love of our community and some of the highest-quality items a NICU Graduate could ask for!

Local companies are coming together to share their well wishes by donating an array of specialty gifts, chosen by Jami as preemie-friendly. Some notable names already on board include favourites like Bebe De LuxeNumpfer, The Posy BoxFloralista, as well as Twenty Eight and Oak and Beluga Baby!

To join in on the celebration, please consider donating directly to the BC Women’s Foundation at

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