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Make sure to read our safety instructions (TICKS) before wearing your baby for the first time. Shop the Beluga Wrap here. 

When wearing your baby, always follow T.I.C.K.S.:

  • Tight – baby wrap must be tied tightly and securely at all times.
  • In view at all times – baby must never be hidden from your view by the wrap
  • Close enough to kiss
  • Keep chin off chest – a good check is to see if you can fit two fingers under their chin
  • Supported back – baby’s back must be straight and secure

Get Started! How to wrap your Beluga Wrap, the best newborn baby carrier.

How to use a baby wrap:

How To Tighten Your Beluga Wrap (for a comfy and safe carry)

Now recommended from birth: Legs-Out Carry (Birth - 25 pounds)

Newborn Carry (Birth - around six weeks). 

If you decide to wear your baby legs-in for the first few weeks, be sure they're in a proper "froggy" position where their legs are naturally curled underneath them. As soon as baby starts straightening their legs you should move to the Legs-Out Carry. 

How To Nurse In Your Beluga Baby Wrap