When to use your Beluga Wrap

January 13, 2021

When to use your Beluga Wrap

Whether you’re a first time parent, or this is your tenth baby, each new addition to your home comes with its own unique set of challenges and things to learn. It can feel like the whole world is wrapped up in your new baby’s little body. Not only are you recovering from birth, but learning the ins and out of your new baby can be stressful. 

Many new parents express to me their concern that learning another new skill - babywearing - is just going to be too much to take on. I hear you. May I gently provide some perspective on why I believe it’s a tool that you absolutely will reap the rewards from learning?

To make things even easier, I’ve created these easy to follow video tutorials for getting started using your Beluga Wrap. I’m also here to help with personalized tips and fit checks if you email info@belugababy.ca

I created the Beluga Wrap when I had my own newborn. It’s the ideal fabric for the fourth trimester and beyond, and here are all the times and ways the Beluga Wrap helped my own life as a new mom. 

  1. First steps outside as a new parent

Leaving the house with your newborn for the first time can be overwhelming. I loved putting my two day old newborn into the wrap for small outings. Think, a meal at your favorite breakfast spot or a walk around a nearby park. That fresh air made a world of difference, and my newborn slept so soundly in the wrap. 

  1. Moving your body

Of course, listen to your medical professionals' advice when it comes to working out, but I absolutely loved going for walks and doing gentle yoga while wearing my baby during those first few months. It can be so hard to fit exercise in as a new parent, and babywearing can be an excellent way to get those good endorphins flowing. Even turning on some music and dancing around your kitchen wearing your baby  has been known to work up a good sweat. Please follow all babywearing safety advice when it comes to being physical wearing your baby. Ie. No swimming, biking, jumping etc.  

  1. Fussy evening time

It’s inevitable, and it comes every day. Those hours around dinnertime where your baby is extra fussy. Babywearing has been shown to reduce crying by over 50% during the evening and night hours. That is such a huge difference, and one I can back up with anecdotal evidence as well. I remember so many times my baby would be fussy in the evenings where a wrap nap solved everything. 

  1. Pretty much forever and always

If I’m honest, babywearing was one of my favorite things about having a newborn. I loved how it calmed baby, bonded us, helped me to recognize when my baby was hungry faster, and reduced my need for lugging around a stroller.

  1. Beluga Wrap saves the day

Once, my husband and I were coming home from my parents cabin with our three month old in her carseat. It was a five hour car ride, and she was not happy. On about hour three of crying (after we’d tried all the things), we finally pulled over and I put her in the wrap. Within moments her cries quieted, her body calmed, and she fell asleep. See, the wrap had become her safe place, somewhere that reminded her of being back in the womb, and it barely ever failed to bring my fussy baby into a state of relaxed calmness. 

I would never have enjoyed the first year of my baby’s life as much if it wasn’t for babywearing. That might be dramatic to say, but it affected our day to day life in such a hugely positive way. 

When has the Beluga Wrap saved the day in your life?

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