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When to use your Beluga Wrap

Bringing home a new baby is a wondrous, overwhelming, and delicate time. Birth is a monster of a job, and there’s so much for new parents to learn about taking care of a newborn. Over five years ago, I too struggled with knowing all the things. How to nurse, how often to feed, when I should be sleeping, what newborn noises are normal, why is poop that colour, are those normal sounds for a sleeping baby to make?

Add to that the plethora of baby goods to choose from. Don’t even get me started on thecost of a stroller. I mean, are you kidding me?!

Eventually I created the Beluga Wrap (read that story here), and my new parent life changeddramatically. Here’s when to use your Beluga Wrap, and how it can help you, just like it helped me. From one mom to another. 

  1. First trips out of the house

At two days old, I popped Sawyer in the Beluga Wrap and went downstairs to my local diner for eggs and pancakes. She slept for two hours and I didn’t have to worry about strangers trying to touch her, or about bringing along lots of gear. It’s the absolute best for your first forrays out of the house - whether that’s a walk around the block or a trip to your local Target. 

  1. Exercise 

Bekind to your postpartum body. She grew and is often nourishing an entirely new human. Walking was my absolute favorite form of exercise for the first six months postpartum. I also love a good babywearing yoga session. Use common sense, but wearing your baby during light exercise is awesome! No inversions, no running, no watersports, etc. Use your heads, if it’s jarring baby at all, it’s no bueno. 

  1. Witching hour

If you haven’t seen your baby turn into adifferent baby from 5pm - 7pm, you will soon. For some reason those dinnertime hours are so stinking fussy for most babies. Did you know that wearing your babe during those early evening times is scientifically proved to reduce crying by over 50%? I liked to have my wrap on me and ready to go during this time of day (to be honest, all day), and if baby shows signs of fussiness, into the wrap she’d go!

  1. All the time

Actually, I wore my newborn frequently, pretty much as often as I could. I knew the benefits of babywearing, especially skin to skin, and to be honest I just plain loved it. Baby was more content, I could pick up on her hunger cues easier so our nursing relationship went smoothly.For our office postnatal visits I would pre-tie my wrap before getting in the car, and when we got there I could simply pop her in without having to tie the wrap in the parking lot. 

  1. During meltdowns

I have onevivid memory of a five hour road trip with our three month old, and the screaming and crying that occurred. Literally nothing at all would soothe her and we were at our wits end. I remember we pulled off to a rest stop, I busted out the wrap, and within two minutes she was zonked. out. I even transferred her back into her carseat once she fell asleep. This is the magic of the wrap. Once it becomes their “safe space”, the womb-like environment becomes a cure all for so many situations. 

What are your favourite times and places to wear your Beluga?

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