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What’s the ONE piece of baby gear you should never travel without?

Thinking of traveling with your baby soon? Feeling overwhelmed about how you will keep your baby happy? 

Have no fear, the Beluga Wrap is here (and will be your baby’s best friend for the entire trip)!

Whether you are packing for a day out, a weekend away, or a grand European excursion, the Beluga Wrap is going to be number one on your “must-pack” list. Here’s why:

Comfort: When you are traveling you want to make sure that whichever baby carrier you choose checks a couple boxes to make your trip as comfortable as possible, for youand baby. The Beluga Wrap is made of the most delicious and beautiful bamboo fabric out there. It’s stretchy, breathable, soft, and compact. This makes those longer walks and naps that much more enjoyable.

Compact: Have you ever been overwhelmed because you had limited space to pack everything you needed for baby? Or had only one carry-on option when boarding a flight? With the Beluga Wrap you don’t need to worry about that! It’s so lightweight and soft that you can literally pack it anywhere!Bonus: Because the fabric is so stretchy, if your baby needs to be changed or taken out in a hurry, the wrap is just as easy to pack away. The small pocket at the end of the wrap serves as a quick way to bundle up your wrap to toss it back into the diaper bag/car.

Easy to Clean: When you’re travelling, the last thing that is on your mind is staying clean. Most carriers come with a detachable cover or need to be machine washed to be cleaned, luckily, with the Beluga Wrap is made of easy to wash fabric. Just machine wash or hand wash and hang to dry. The material dries fast and will be ready to go for your next adventure in no time!

Convenient:One amazing hack is to pre-tie the wrapbefore you go for a hike or a walk and then when your baby gets tired you can just pop them in the wrap! If possible, tie your finishing knot at the front or the side so it doesn’t dig into your back while travelling.

The Beluga Wrap is absolutely the best baby carrier for travelling with babies under one year old. 

Secret Pocket: Did you know that the pocket at the end of the wrap can also serve as a place to keep a diaper and wipes? Having this option may even eliminate having to bring your diaper bag with you while exploring! #parentingWIN

Wearing your baby while traveling makes it easier to do a lot of things, including soothing a fussy baby and going to the washroom! Using your Beluga Wrap not only gives your little one comfort and closeness, but it also protects your baby from germs and large crowds while you are traveling.

Having your baby tucked in against you will not only keep them safe and calm, but allow them to experience the world through your eyes. Once you use a Beluga Wrap for adventures and everyday life, you’ll never want to travel without it again!

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