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Preorder The Beluga Buckle (finally!)

Hi Beluga Beauties!

Today is an auspicious occasion (can you picture me behind a mahogany podium?). It’s been four years that I’ve been working on a “next step” carrier for when babies get too big for the Beluga Wrap. Which, by the way, remains the absolute best carrier for the newborn stage to 25 pounds. 

Four years and alot of prototypes.

I won’t lie, I wanted to give up, especially after my own daughter was completely out of the babywearing phase (she’s six now). I know, I know, selfish. But don’t worry, of course you know the end of the story, I didn’t give up. 

I knew that your babies deserved a carrier for when they outgrew the Beluga Wrap. Something for when you didn’t want to lug a stroller through a crowd, for when you wanted to hike with your toddler, for when your teething baby needed those soothing cuddles, for when there’s an attack of the nap strike.

It’s at this juncture that I would like to state again, as I have before, that babywearing is a cultural practice going back as far back as babies have been being born. Across the globe mothers and fathers have been wearing their babies in traditional and nontraditional methods far before I began my motherhood journey. Let us take a moment to think about how beautiful it is that we can all be connected in this way. 

When I created the Beluga Wrap, I did so to make what I considered to be the best stretchy wrap. I had certain things as a new mother that the market at the time didn’t fulfill. I wanted a four-way stretch. I wanted easy tightening. I wanted to be able to nurse in the wrap. I didn’t want to overheat!

The same is true with the Beluga Buckle. 

In the design phase of this carrier I built my wish list for the perfect buckle carrier. And then I made sure to tick off every one of those points. 

Manufacturers took one look at our plans and dismissed us, over and over again. 

Because often it’s complicated to make something that is simple to use. 

I wanted ease, comfort, beauty, sustainability, and inclusivity. 

A carrier that fit easily into a diaper bag but could support a wide range of baby weights. 

A carrier that adjusted to fit so many different body types.

A carrier that looked rock n’ roll!

And it’s finally here. The Beluga Buckle, made from linen and organic cotton, for babies 15-50 pounds, is finally, FINALLY available for preorder. 

The Beluga Buckle in Sand

Black Linen Baby Carrier

Here’s where you can shop it. 

The Beluga Buckle features:

  • Shoulder straps that adjust in two directions.
  • Perfect fit adjustment straps on the shoulder panels.
  • An adjustable seat width to ergonomically support your little one knee to knee.
  • Pleats on the body of the carrier to create a deeper, more comfortable seat. 
  • Legs-out padding so the backs of your baby’s knees never chafe.
  • Curved shoulder straps to hug your body, and distribute baby’s weight evenly.
  • A padded waistband for support and comfort.
  • A hood for privacy, rain coverage, or additional head support. 
  • All the love of a homegrown, mama-run business <3. 

Product Details

Fabric: 55% Linen and 45% Organic Cotton

Weight: For babies and toddlers 15-50lbs

Three Wearing Positions:Inwards on your front, inwards on your back, and on your hip

Size Inclusivity:The Beluga Buckle is for a wide array of body types and has been comfort tested by women XS-3XL. The waistband extends from 26-52 inches. 

Washing:Machine wash on cold and hang to dry

Designed in Canada, Made Responsibly in Turkey

Shop The Beluga Buckle today for the ultimate in babywearing goodness. 

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