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Fall 2021 Limited Edition Collection

With each passing season I am reminded of the ebb and flow of life, but never more so than these last couple of years. This fall collection was all about comfort, about those colours that seem like home, and safety, and warmth. 

From our beautiful rust colour to our moody blue, I chose these colours because I genuinely love them, just as I genuinely love seeing your sweet babies wrapped up in them. 

Beluga Baby Campbell Wrap Bamboo Baby Wrap Carrier

Beluga Baby has always been about rock n’ roll & babywearing, and that “edge” has always been something I’ve been proud of. We’re not just about typical moms strolling down the beach in their boho dress. We know that parenthood is more than that, or less than that, or justdifferent than that. 

All of our parenthood experiences are so unique. But this Fall I wanted to remind everyone about what we have in common. 

A need for connection. With each other, with our babies, and with our planet. 

A love of comfort. If you don’t need to wear jeans, why should you?

A desire for peace, calm, and understanding

It may sound cheesy to you, and that’s okay, but I believe the Beluga Wrap provides all of those things. 

We wear our babies, bonding with them, calming them while giving us the breath and time and mental capacity to also connect with our other children, partners, friends and family. The soft stretch of the material moulds and shapes around you and your baby, never digging and never reducing your range of motion. Less crying means more peace, less rushing thoughts, moments to calm the nervous system of both you and your baby. 

It’s a simple thing, maybe, this Beluga Baby Wrap. 

But it’s profound. 

I hope you love our new limited edition colours this Fall 2021. 

Yours whimsically,

Haley, Founder.

Shop the Collection here. 

The Samara Wrap

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