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10 Budget Items to Make Life Easier in the Fourth Trimester (and Four Luxury items)

Those first few bleary-eyed, dazed days of new parenthood are like nothing else that comes before. Wrapped in a bubble of fresh life, new parents the world over go through it for the first time, having little knowledge of what those first three months postpartum contain. 

No matter if it’s your first baby or your seventh, the fourth trimester is so important, not only for your baby, but for you as a parent. You’re healing, expanding, growing in love, and adjusting to an entirely new phase of your life. 

Beluga Baby Wrap Newborn Carrier Fourth Trimester Must Have

As a veteran in the baby industry (going on seven years now), I’ve come across some absolute favourite things for that delicate time of your life. My hope is that, just like The Beluga Wrap (the world’s comfiest wrap for the newborn days and beyond), they work to make your life more peaceful, calm, and enjoyable. 

Budget Items

  1. Freezer Meals - Prep them yourself, ask friends to make them for you, but whatever you do, make these a PRIORITY. When I polled ya’ll on Instagram, this was my number one requested postpartum must-have. 
  2. Activities for Older Kiddos - If you have older kids at home, organizing playdates/friends and family to take them out is great for themand you! I also love creating a special box of toys that are for “feeding time” ie. whenever you’re nursing/feeding your new baby. This box of goodies only comes out during these times. That means that when you’re having one-on-one time with your new babe, your older kiddo still feels special, cared for, and entertained. These boxes donot need to be complicated. A few simple items exchanged out once in a while will do the trick. 
  3. Frozen Padsicles - There’s plenty of instructions online for how to make these, but they’re basically a pad with aloe, witch hazel, and lavender, frozen and then placed in your underwear postpartum. They’re amazing for soothing soreness!
  4. Breast Pads + Cream - Your breasts can be sensitive during breastfeeding, especially at the start! I loved using pure Lanolin personally, and then using bamboo breastpads in between nursing to prevent leakage. I’ve also heard great things about these little silver nipple cups from Silverette!
  5. Sitz Bath - Comfort, relaxation, and healing comes in the form of a herbal bath called a Sitz bath. These are great for healing tears from birth, and provide a moment of zen for new mamas. 
  6. Comfy Pajamas or Robe - There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable clothes in your postpartum days. Invest in super soft pajamas with easy boob access. Don’t forget to choose a sweat wicking fabric for those postpartum hormone sweats. 
  7. Adult Diapers - For those first few days, skip the pads and go straight for the Depends. It might not be sexy, but it sure is convenient. 
  8. Comfy Undies - Speaking of undergarments, comfy underpants are a must-have for new moms. There’s lots of options including absorbent undies from companies like Knix, seamless undies like these ones from Chantelle, postpartum support undies from Blanqi, or my personal favourite everyday undies from Huha. 
  9. Blackout Blinds - I can’t stress this enough, you needsleep.As much as possible. Don’t let something as trivial as the SUN keep you up. Black out those windows and get that much needed shuteye. 
  10. A Fan - Using a fan in yours and baby’s room has a twofold benefit. It helps you sleep better, and it reduces SIDS by over 70%.

Luxury Items

  1. Hiring a Cleaner Beforeand After Birth - Worth it. Put it on your registry. If family members ask what you want, ask for this. If you’re anything like me, a clean and uncluttered home has a huge impact on my mood. It also means moresleep, and less dishes duty. 
  2. Counseling Sessions - These really shouldn’t be considered a “luxury”, but unfortunately with sessions from $100-$250 per hour, that’s the world we live in. As someone who experiences postpartum depression, I think at least one or two sessions during your fourth trimester could go along way with helping ease the mind and the transition, and provide valuable support and tools to flourish during this period of life. 
  3. Postpartum Doula - The services of a postpartum doula include light housework, making and bringing you food, assisting and providing information on newborn care including breastfeeding, and provide general support. Never underestimate the power of having another woman with you, supporting you in person, and empowering you to feel confident in this new era of motherhood. They can also hold your baby in the Beluga Wrap while you have a deep nap, safe knowing your newborn is getting professional care and you will be woken should any need arise. 
  4. Food Prep Services/Regular Healthy Meal Delivery - Using a professional chef or food prep service isa luxury, but is such a lovely treat during those postpartum days. Often new moms and dads neglect their physical health during the fourth trimester, but getting enough healthy food is incredibly important. And it’s so nice to have a fridge full of pre-prepped, delicious meals to grab and go.

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