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Free Shipping Is Coming Your Way

Free Shipping in Canada and the USA

You read that right, I’m finally implementing free shipping for Beluga Wraps across Canada and the USA, yes, even the remote parts. It’s been a long time coming, but let me explain why. 

Babes, shipping is HELLA expensive. 

It’s taken us a long time to find good shipping partners and to work those partnerships to get better and better shipping rates. When we first started it was costing us $20-$25 to ship wraps in Canada and the US. We’ve been able to get that number way down, but our packages are still considered “large” and so it’ll always be a balancing act between your unboxing delight and our costs. 

For now, it’s at the point where I’m comfortable offering free shipping, and that’s amazing news for you!

Now you can shop our entire Beluga Wrap range and get them delivered in 2-8 business days to your home, FOR FREE. 

I also added a faster shipping option for those of you who need the wraps right the heck now. After all, sometimes that baby just decides to arrive a little sooner than expected, am I right?!

So, without further ado, shop our Beluga Wrap collection with free shipping.

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