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A Few Of My Favourite Things ... August 2019

As mothers (and fathers), we sometimes lose track of what makes us tick, what makes our hearts leap. The intention of this little list is to remind you that what you love is important. 

This is the list of what I love this month. What did you find? Leave a comment and let me know what moved you this month!

1. Leopard Everything from Brunette the Label

Beluga Baby loves leopard prints from Brunette the Label

I’ve been living in these sweatshirts for some time now, but I’m absolutely, 100%, over-the-moon obsessed with their latest Fall launch. It includes SO many great pieces, and the leopard prints are a standout. If you want to feel all cozy and still like a total queen, these are for you. 

2. Hoagard Metal Wall Art

Beluga Baby loves Hoagard Metal Wall Art

I’m generally not a fan of “kitschy” wall decorations. I guess you could say I’m a snob, but I prefer purist. Shelves and artwork in frames only please. But for this, I had to make an exception! I’m especially a fan of the comic book style pop art pieces.

3. An American Marriage

Beluga Baby loves the novel An American Marriage

This book is a quick read, but definitely qualifies as literary fiction, not YA. I found myself so totally wrapped up in the outcome for the characters that I read the whole thing in one sitting. It’s about what happens when a newlywed couple is ripped apart when the husband gets wrongly convicted of a crime and serves years in federal prison. How does a relationship survive such a thing? And when you get out, are you even the same people who fell in love? #obsessed. 

4. The Avett Brothers @ The Gorge

Beluga Baby loves the Avett Brothers at the Gorge

This summer I was privileged to see one of my favourite bands play my all time favourite venue, The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington. This outdoor venue is perched atop a canyon, with a winding river in the background. The magic was further intensified when the whole show was postponed (and nearly cancelled) as a huge lightning storm rolled through and struck the canyon walls in behind the stage. Two hours later, the concert continued (albeit a little later than planned) and everyone got two incredible shows: one by nature, and one by the great Avett Brothers. 

5. Happier Campers

Beluga Baby loves Happier Campers

I must admit that I don’t have one of these myself...yet. But guys, Ineed one. These compact fiberglass campers have old-school styling with all the amenities of our modern glamping age. I needs it. 

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