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The Wonderful World of Shopping Small

I entered this strange and magical world just a few months ago, and I'm already in awe of it. Made up of mostly moms - though I'm sure there is a fair share of dad and non-parents - this community is like nothing I've encountered before. It's a delicious, wacky, warm, tearful and inclusive group.

The world of "Shop Small".

Without getting too mushy wushy, and definitely without using the words "my journey", I'd like to introduce you to this world of makers and sellers if I may be so bold.

They're found online - on Etsy, on Instagram, on Facebook and on Pinterest - and their wares are beyond anything you'll find at your local chain store. Everything from clothes to jewelry to bath and skincare - super high quality goods, curated from the best materials, painstakingly perfected just for you. So much love, so much care goes into every aspect of their making and their sending.

Take Bebe De Luxe. A bath soak so high quality, your baby could drink the bath water! Mixed by hand, shipped by hand, it's amazing! Too many exclamation marks, I know. But it's warranted.

Or Lulu and Roo- the cutest, highest quality casual baby wear I've come across. It's a serious addiction. Organic, adorable, made with love.

Free Babes. The name itself invokes images of little girls running through tall grass, splashing in little creeks and coming home eyes full of laughter and sparkle. The brand is a whirlwind of hand picked patterns for handmade bows to adorn your little babes' hair. You won't find anything like this at your local super chain.

Should I keep going? I can't seem to stop! And the more stores you find, the more stores are revealed to you. It's like Alice in Wonderland. I've gone down the Shop Small rabbit hole and never want to come out.

Westcoast Baby is close to my heart because we share one very important thing in common - bamboo!!! Her baby clothes are made of the same material as my wraps are - and golly is it ever good. Buttery soft, cool in the heat, warm in the cold. And did I mention that most original patterns?

Speaking of bamboo, Wild Little Comfiesbreaks my heart with their adorable line of monochrome clothes for your littles. Based out of Florida, this maker is obsessed with creating edgy, street style clothes for your little ones.

I could go on. And I will. Are you still with me for this wild ride?

The chewelery. Oh the teething necklaces. Glitter and Spice, Mama Gems, Twenty Eight and Oak. You guys just rock my world.

Minimoc. A major shoutout to this lovely lady. Amanda, founder of Minimoc, has gone over and above to help me launch Beluga Baby. And her shoes? I just die. I'm dead. If you don't have 50 million pairs of these for your little one, you don't have enough.

In international news - Candi and Co. (@candiandco) Based out of New Zealand this duo of moms has the most beautiful Instagram feed. Peaceful, serene, and loaded with products you'll squeal for. And did I mention unicorns?

Local Vancouver brand King and Sage (@kingandsage) rocks it with tees and shirts sporting the best graphics. I mean, "Pardon my swag"? It doesn't get any better.

I could go ON and on. I'm missing so many. Emerson Apparel (I die!), Beansie Baby, From The Seeds, Rags to Raches, Brok Boys, etc etc. 

My point is, shop small, win at life. 

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