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Maternity Photo Shoot!

When I was about seven months pregnant one of my good friends surprised me with a maternity photoshoot. Without her, I never would have captured what I now look back on as one of the most hopeful and calm times of my life. I loved being pregnant, and I loved how I looked.

I didn’t have a perfect “watermelon” bump, and I got stretch marks eventually. But when I look back on these photos I can envision my little girl safe inside my tummy, just waiting to be born. It makes a knot form in my stomach thinking about it – how little I knew of the joy so close at hand.

Motherhood is beautiful, in all its forms.

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Here are some of my favourite shots from my maternity session. Photos by Janine Knowal


Ciao Babes,


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Nancy Durdaller

Nancy Durdaller

June 30, 2015

I remember how beautiful you were. I also think back to how excited josh and I were to have a new addition to our family. We can’t wait to meet Sawyer, and tell her how much she is loved. It’s exciting too, to see how well your new business venture is going. We know it will be a huge success, how could it not with you behind it. Love your little blogs. I’m sure it helps all the moms n new moms to be.

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