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UPDATE! Wraps and Knotted Headbands

Hello my beauties!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on here about the progress of getting the Beluga Baby Wraps available to you, the very patient public.

The fabric is currently with the seamstress – everything is made right here in Vancouver, BC. Made in Canada! We are huge fans of shopping local and hope that you support us in that. The wraps should be cut and finished in the next week or so.

As an added bonus I am creating knotted headbands made from the same soft bamboo fabric in matching colours for your littles.

I am waiting for my branded labels to come back from the label makers. These will be made from high quality damask and will be woven labels, which will affix to the front of the wrap. This label will help you to find the centre of the wrap. That will tell you where to start wrapping from.

While I’m waiting for the labels to arrive and the wraps to be sewn I’m working on the last three pieces of the puzzle: packaging, shipping and finishing this beautiful website. I want everything to be special for you, every part of the experience. You are so important to me.

I originally made this wrap just for myself and my close friends. I loved it so much, that I had to make it available for the rest of you.

I tried so many other wraps, and while some were good, they were always missing something for me. Either too stretchy, or not stretchy enough. Some of them weren’t supporting enough, and some made me feel like my arms and shoulders were totally restricted.

The fabric I sourced for the Beluga Baby wraps is made mostly from Bamboo (rayon made from bamboo) and contains a small percentage of cotton and spandex. This unique blend is not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but is butter smooth to the touch and contains just the right amount of “cush”.

Cushiness is the perfect word to describe how this fabric enfolds and supports your little one. It provides peace of mind that your baby is comfy, safe and supported.

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So stay tuned my loves. Good things are coming. 

Ciao Babes,



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