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Spring Release Favourites - Local Edition

Spring is a wonderful time when all my favourite local shops release their spring collections. That means a veritable wonder trove of rompers, tanks, bloomers and more. 

I've been having a super fun time taking advantage of the good weather, and exploring the spring-time fun with baby Sawyer. Seeing her touch and feel the new buds of spring, and run her fingers over the fresh sprigs of grass. Watching her eyes follow as the butterflies roam across her field of vision, it's as if I'm seeing it all for the first time as well. 

That's what children do, I think. They bring colour to the grey, excitement to the monotonous. And they remind us that beauty exists right tin front of us everyday, and that sometimes, the things we see every day without noticing are the most beautiful. 

Sawyer exploresSawyer meets a goat

Usually I release a video talking about my favourites for each month, but my computer troubles have made that impossible. Cue the spinning rainbow of death! Desktop Mac here we come!

In the meantime, I'll talk about some of the colourful, bright and festive spring collections that I've been drooling over. 

Little Moore Shop

Their rompers and tanks are drool worthy, and this local mama makes everything lovingly by hand. Her prints are so fantastic and cheerful, you can't help but smile. 

Little Moore Shop


The quality of the work that Jen from VonBon constantly puts out is so high, it sets the bar for local baby wear. Every time I get a new piece from them I love it more than the last. Von Bon Shirt

Emerson Apparel

I love this mama! Jess uses local moms to sew her clothes, and the designs she creates are full of laughter and fun. She infuses each piece with the spirit of play, so not only are her pieces adorable, but they're comfy for your kiddo too. 

Emerson Apparel

Franc Heart

I just ordered a ton of new stuff for Sawyer from this shop and I LOVE it. Her customer service is excellent, and her clothes are bangin'. 

Franc Heart

Mawdsley Loves

My exchanges with this mama have been hilarious. We worked out a trade of product (I sent her a wrap in exchange for some leggings) and it has been a comedy of errors since then! Through it all she's been so sweet. And we've been through it ALL! Her new line of onesies is TDF (to die for), and I want one of each colour. Mawdsley Loves


And US! Check out our new spring collection here. 


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