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A great baby sling, wrap or carrier is the ultimate newborn essential. Your baby has just spent 40 weeks, give or take, safe and warm where they can hear your heartbeat. Where subtle pressure comforts them from all sides. And then, quite suddenly, they have the whole loud world to contend with.

Our stretchy wrap style baby carriers simulate a womb-like environment for your baby, calming them, helping with gas and colic, regulating body temperature , blood sugar levels, and hormones, and assisting with bonding. If you choose to nurse,  wearing your baby helps stimulate milk production and alerts you earlier to your baby’s hunger cues.

Many new parents find that their babies have a “witching hour”, or an extra fussy time of day.  Wearing your baby during this time helps to calm them. According to research, babies worn regularly cry over 40% less throughout the day. That is an absolute game-changer!

Made from the softest bamboo/cotton blend, The Beluga Wrap Carrier is the world’s comfiest baby carrier for newborns to one year. It’s incredibly soft, stretches in four directions to allow a full-range of movement, and is made sustainably from eco-friendly Oeko-Tex certified fabric. I wrote all about about how our Oeko-Tex certified fabric compares to regular organic cotton fabrics here.  In addition, everything is handmade in Canada, at Beluga Baby HQ in Vancouver, BC - as fair trade as it gets!