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What really is the best newborn baby carrier?

“Whatis the best baby carrier for my newborn?”

I remember thinking this to myself when I was pregnant with Sawyer, my now five year old. I knew I was somehow attracted to the idea of babywearing, but the options seemed endless. Searching online didn’t help much either. Endless hours of looking up “best baby carrier” and “best infant baby wrap” yielded top ten lists that Iswear were run by companies benefiting from affiliate links (click the link and the blog owner gets paid a commission). 

So who could I trust?

I turned to local babywearing lending libraries to test out different carriers. I also joined a bunch of Facebook Mom Groups. Ohhhhh man, did Inot know what I was getting into there. Both groups made me feel, how can I describe it, like anoutsider. 

Let me make something clear - these women and their groups werenot the problem! I’m sure they are (mostly) sweet women. Go them! (really). But I definitely did not relate. I felt a bit judged, a bit uncool, and definitely had a bad case of imposter syndrome. 

What I really wanted in a baby carrier was FREEDOM. 

I wanted a device that I could use as a baby travel carrier, something that would come along as I brought my new baby daughter on adventures. Something that was easy, portable, breathable, and cute. Don’t get me wrong, cute was a priority. 

So I continued to try different carriers, settling finally on the ease of stretchy wraps for the newborn period. Each new baby wrap got me a little closer to what I was looking for. But some were too thick, and I felt like I overheated. One was a breathable baby wrap, but it only stretched in one direction. I was getting frustrated, so I did what any feisty new mom would do. 

I made my own. 

I curated fabric for a bamboo baby wrap, cut out a pattern, got it sewn, and tested it out. Then I made some for friends, tweaked it, and finally had something that Iloved. Finally, a newborn wrap that I could be proud of, that I could recommend to my friends, that I would proudly put on any “Best Baby Sling” top ten list. I felt like I finally cracked the case and that no one had found a stretchy fabric that ticked off all the boxes - soft, cool, supportive, stretchy, and adorable. Until now. 

And then, next logical step, I decided to try to turn said baby wrap carrier into a business. Because, why not start a new company with a baby on your boob? We women, we’re the stuff of legends. 

Beluga Baby was born, purveyor of the best newborn wrap (and beyond). I swear it. Don’t believe me? Check out our over 300 five star reviews. 

Ah yes, that’s what I sat down to type out to you. I added a review feature on to our site under a year ago to provide a way for you to wade your way through all the feedback on the internet around baby wraps and carriers. These are all my real customers, and none of them are paid to leave these reviews. Take a look! They talk about how the wrap can be a cure for newborn colic, a sure way to calm them during a fussy or teething stage, and simply a way for you to snuggle your baby while having your hands free to do whatever. Like knead dough if you’re one of the 99% who are learning to bake bread during lockdown/social isolation. 

So if you’re a little lost, if you feel like an outsider, if you want a straight answer about what newborn baby carrier is best, welcome. You’re in the right place babe. Rock n’ roll & babywearing is the answer ;).

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