Why Babywearing?

Why Babywearing?

Most new parents instinctively know that they want to be close to their baby. They want to cuddle them, kiss them, and nibble on their tiny toes. And there's a reason we want to have our babies close to us!

Having your baby next to your skin, or carried by you somehow, is not only good for the wearer, it's good for baby, too! After 40 weeks inside the womb, a baby likes to held close to you, to listen to your heartbeat, to be able to smell you, and feel you close by. As for you, sometimes you simply needs your hands free, to do work, to drink a cup of well-deserved (iced!) coffee, or to send that text.

That's where babywearing comes in. You don't need any sort of high tech equipment. Women have been wearing their babies for thousands of years. All you need is a Beluga Baby Wrap carrier to keep your little one close. Shop the Beluga Wrap!

Are you worried you're going to spoil your baby by keeping them close in a baby sling? Don’t be! The opposite is true. In fact, in a Beluga Baby Wrap, your baby will cry 40 percent less. In cases where babies are constantly in the arms of their caregiver, continuous crying is virtually unheard of.


"These findings confirm what our mothering instincts tell us — that plenty of loving contact does not "spoil" a baby or make him more demanding, but instead helps him feel more comfortable and happy in his new world."

Baby wearing also helps mom become aware of baby's hunger cues faster. That means that baby doesn't need to expend so much energy letting mom know they're hungry, and can instead use that energy to grow.

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