Safety and FAQs

Safety and FAQs

Safety is so important when you are wearing your baby in a wrap carrier.

When wearing your baby, always follow T.I.C.K.S. :

  • Tight: Baby wrap must be tied tightly and securely at all times.
  • In view at all times: Baby must never be hidden from you view by the wrap.
  • Close enough to kiss:Baby should be close enough to you to kiss.
  • Keep chin off chest: A good check is to see if you can fit two fingers under their chin to ensure their air pathways are clear.
  • Supported back: Baby’s back must be straight and secure in the wrap. If your baby is sagging in the wrap, you simply need to tie tighter.


Why should I use a Beluga Wrap?

The benefits of babywearing using a Beluga Baby wrap carrier are endless! For starters, it's an excellent way to bond with your baby right after they are born, skin to skin. Both mom and dad can benefit from this, and the health benefits for baby are huge.

Wearing your baby has been shown to decrease instances of postpartum depression, too.

As a baby grows and develops, babywearing helps to ease the transition from womb to world. It reduces crying and can settle even the fussiest of baby. The upright position the baby is in while being worn in a baby cloth carrier also helps with digestion, and may help with colic and gas if used for a half hour after each feeding.

Many of our customers swear our bamboo baby wraps contain "sleepy dust". Since babies LOVE to be held close to the sounds and smells of mom or dad, with secure pressure surrounding them from all angles, they sleep...and sleep and sleep!

Did we mention the biggest benefit? When you're hugging your baby close in the Beluga Baby Wrap, you are completely hands-free. That means you can get things done while keeping your baby close.

My baby doesn't feel secure in the wrap/is dropping. What am I doing wrong?

Due to the beautiful, stretchy nature of the fabric in these Beluga wraps for babies, the wrap often needs to be tied tighter than you think it does. It will stretch around your baby, so tie it tight enough so all the fabric is lying tight against your body. The stretch is what gives the wrap its unique cush and comfort. It may take a few tries to get the tension just right, so don't give up.

You can watch our tightening tutorial HERE.

Where do you ship to?

We ship all over the world! If you don’t see an option to ship in your country, simply send an email to, and we will add it for you!

How do I use the Beluga Baby Wrap?

Tutorials can be found on our "How-To" Page.

How old should my baby be to use the Beluga Baby Wrap?

The Beluga Wrap is safety tested from 8 to 25 lbs, is designed for use from womb to wrap, and can be used right from the moment your baby is born. This is intentional, since the wrap imitates a womb-like environment and eases the transition to the outside world. 

Since the wraps have a customizable fit, depending on how loose or tightly you tie them, you can wrap even the tiniest of babies. If your baby is under 8 pounds, or premature, please seek guidance from a health professional for the proper way to use Kangaroo Care safety. Extra care should be taken to ensure baby's airways always remain clear and unobstructed.

You can continue using it to our weight limit of 25 lbs. 

Is there a weight minimum or maximum?

The Beluga Wrap is safety tested from 8 to 25lbs but can be used with a smaller baby with the okay from your healthcare professional. For preemies and babies with medical conditions, always consult your doctor. The maximum weight is 25 pounds. 

Regardless of the size of your baby, always follow T.I.C.K.S.

  • Tight – baby wrap must be tied tightly and securely at all times.
  • In view at all times – baby must never be hidden from you view by the wrap
  • Close enough to kiss
  • Keep chin off chest – a good check is to see if you can fit two fingers under their chin
  • Supported back – baby’s back must be straight and secure

My baby is bigger now, do you have tips on carrying a larger baby?

Larger babies up to 25 pounds can be carried with the Beluga Wrap. The key is twofold:

1) Getting the wrap tied tight enough. Once you've got the panels crossed across your back and coming over your shoulder, tighten the center panel (the one with the logo on it) by pulling upwards on the two ends, up and over your shoulders. Then, once you've passed the two ends under the center panel in front of you, tighten them again before you tie off with a double knot.

2) Make sure you are stretching the fabric of these wraps for babies all the way from one knee to the other, making a good, wide seat for your baby and getting as much fabric under them as possible.

You can always email me at if you are still having issues. I am happy to help!

Can I use the Beluga Baby Wrap to carry my baby on my back?

No — stretchy wraps are not safe for back carries.

Why do you use bamboo fabric?

Bamboo is grown without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. Though much bamboo fabric is not certified organic, the process in which it is grown is often organic by the very nature of the requirements of the plant.

Bamboo is the perfect fabric for wraps for babies since it wicks moisture away from the body, allowing you to wear your baby without becoming one giant sweat bucket. This is also great for your baby, who is much more sensitive to temperature fluctuations than you are.

It's also naturally antibacterial, UV protective, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and sustainable. In short, it is nothing less than the most perfect fabric to trust next to your baby's delicate skin.

How do I wash my wrap?

Wash your wrap on a gentle cycle with like colors. You may wish to tumble dry on a low temperature, but hanging or laying flat to dry will preserve the colour and integrity of the fabric for longer.

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