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Preorder Beluga Buckle V2

Color: Dune
Coastal Stripe

The next iteration of Buckle Carrier excellence is finally here! Hemp Limited Edition! After months of tweaks and testing, it's finally ready. Preorders will ship between July 3rd and 31st.

The Beluga Buckle is the comfiest carrier for babies 7 to 50 pounds, from newborn to about four years. It can be worn on your front, your back (once baby can sit unassisted), or your hip, giving you your hands free while comforting and calming your baby or toddler. 

What's new and different?

  • New fabric - Hemp/Organic Cotton. This fabric is even more breathable, just as soft, and just as supportive. It's magic, straight out of the box.
  • Beige Webbing.
  • Higher density waistband padding to avoid folding/scrunching over time. The waistband is not thicker, or stiffer. It simply retains its shape better over time. 
  • New hood, hood pocket with zipper, and longer hood straps so it's easier to pull over baby when they're on your back.
  • Reinforced rails for the chest/back clip to avoid sliding. This has also been added to all V1s as well. 

Whats the same?

  • Shoulder straps that adjust in two directions.
  • Perfect fit adjustment straps on the shoulder panels.
  • An adjustable seat width to ergonomically support your little one knee to knee.
  • Pleats on the body of the carrier to create a deeper, more comfortable seat. 
  • Legs-out padding so the backs of your baby’s knees never chafe.
  • Curved shoulder straps to hug your body, and distribute baby’s weight evenly.
  • All the love of a homegrown, mama-run business <3.
  • Certified Hip Healthy by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

For newborns to 25lbs, shop our Original Beluga Wrap. We will highly recommend using the Beluga Wrap for the first six months - there's nothing like it creating a calming and womb-like environment for your new babe. Bundle a Beluga Wrap + Beluga Buckle and get $20 off using code "BuckleBundle"