10 Ways The Beluga Wrap Makes Life Easier

September 16, 2020

10 Ways The Beluga Wrap Makes Life Easier

It’s been asked how the Beluga Wrap could possibly get such authentic feedback as:

We use our wrap almost daily. My little lady loves being all snuggled up when we are out and about! I have recommended it to so many women! Such a lifesaver when my little one is screaming in the store or just wants to be snuggled and I have housework to do! My husband is begging me to buy a solid color so he can have his own wrap for her! Simply amazing. BEST WRAP EVER.” - Sydney L. Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating

This wrap is amazing! It’s thin material is not too heavy for baby through this summer heat and it’s super stretchy and durable. The fabric always bounces back! This is my favorite wrap of the 3 that I have (the other two were gifted to me). Baby seems to like it more too. It’s also very comfortable for me to wear because it’s just like wearing a comfy tee. Will definitely be getting more in the future! “ - Kierston L. Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating

Well, there’s at least ten reasons why people love the Beluga Wrap. Here’s ten different situations that the Beluga Wrap makes easier in your baby’s first year of life. 

1. Reducing Crying

The Beluga Wrap reduces crying by over 40% overall, and over 50% during the hours of 4pm - midnight. It’s a surefire way to soothe your baby during fussy times, since the wrap has a womb-like environment with subtle pressure from all sides. It’s close to your heartbeat, a sound that baby heard for 40 weeks (give or take) before they were born. Being in the wrap can become your baby’s “happy place” and settle them instantly, even during a fussy time. 

2. Hugging and Holding Your Older Children

Our hearts expand each time we add a child to our home, but it can be a huge adjustment for older siblings. Being able to wear your baby leaves your hands free to play, hug, cuddle, and carry your older babies, letting them know they’re just as important as their new sibling. 

3. Feeding Yourself

The newborn haze comes with a unique set of challenges, not least of which is figuring out how to feed your own body between everything else. With your new babe in the Beluga, you can head to the kitchen, make yourself a bagel, and start the day with a full cup. 

4.Establishing a Nursing Relationship

Wearing your baby is incredible for their health, as well as yours. Not only does it regulate their hormones and body temperature, it can be helpful in bringing in your milk if you’ve decided to try nursing. Having your baby skin to skin releases oxytocin, essential for a nursing relationship. It can also alert you to their hunger cues faster, reducing frustration on both sides. 

5. Going For a Walk

There’s nothing quite like the refresh and reset you get when you go for a walk, especially during the newborn days. Leave the bulky stroller and diaper bag at home. Pop baby in your trusty Beluga Wrap, add a diaper and some wipes to the handy built in pocket, and go breathe that fresh air!

6. Getting Ready for the Day

You are beautiful the way you are. 

If you felt like doing your hair and makeup on any given day, wearing your baby can allow you to do so freely, calming your baby next to your heart the whole time. 

7. Being a CEO

This point was originally entitled “Doing Household Chores”. But, let’s be clear. There’s absolutely no reason your “to do” list couldn’t be checking financials, monitoring inventory, deciding on marketing strategy. You do you, and you can do anything!

8. Doing Household Chores

If you did, say, feel like doing dishes, vacuuming, or making your bed, the Beluga Wrap also makes that possible. But a messy house is often a sign of a happy baby, so don’t stress. 

9. Being Creative

Whether it’s finger-painting with your older children, writing out that book that’s been on your mind for months, or moving your body to the music, letting your inner creativity out is an incredible mood-booster. Again, wearing your baby in the wrap leaves the rest of you free for creative expression, whatever that means for you. 

10. Catching Up With Friends

The isolation experienced as a new parent can be a real problem. Add a global pandemic to that and you’ve got a recipe for loneliness, sadness, and frustration. If your bubble allows, be sure to reach out to friends and catch up. Whether that means over Zoom, outside, or in a cafe, connecting heart to heart is what keeps us going, makes us tick, and brings a larger perspective to the small world that happens at home with a newborn. Remind yourself that you’re not alone, see some friends, and wear your Beluga Wrap to keep baby having that extra long nap while you enjoy that glass of wine. 

In all seriousness, there’s way more ways than just ten that a Beluga Wrap can make a profound difference in your life. Whether you’re brushing a dog’s teeth at the local rescue centre or putting the finishing touches on your dissertation, you can do it all, while comforting your baby, by using the amazing, the incredible, the irreplaceable, Beluga Wrap.

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